tirsdag 24. april 2012

Young people, tomorrows church?

Young people tomorrows church?
Some church leaders say that young people are tomorrows church, and it sounds good. But when you think of it, its deceiving. The underlying thought is: one day young person, you will fit into the church. Im sad you dont fit in now, but we will do our best to keep you here until you do. This is passifying the biggest potential of our churches. We can release this potential by saying and living that young people are todays church. 
Young people when released will: 
  • Committ time, energy and talent to the church
  • Put a modern and relevant taste to the church
  • Drive the church with passion, fun and enthusiasm
  • Be early adaptors of change in churchculture
  • Bring their unchurched friends
A church that consistently says and acts that young people are todays church, will probably see young people overrepresented in salvations, baptisms in water, baptisms in Spirit, and calling into ministry. 
What are characteristics of such a church?
  • Generational missionaries. People that doesnt live mono generational lives, willing to step over agedifference, generational difference and cross culture barriers to reach another generation. 
  • Spiritual fathers and mothers that have hearts drawn towards the young. 
  • A «keygeneration» to define the culture and «style» of the church.
  • Music and worship shaped by young people.
  • Focused, intentional and well done program.
  • Powerful, relevant and easy applicable preaching.
  • A vision that makes the hearts of young worldchangers beat faster.
  • Willingness to risk and give responsibility and authority to young people.
To everyone committed to the church : Lets give our lives to build a church for the new generation. 

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  1. That's my church....and I love it !!

  2. For et utrolig bra innlegg! Mye fine tanker som jeg følger med hele hjertet!! Herlig blogg, her kommer jeg tilbake :)